Sunnyvale Golf Course Details

Sunnyvale Golf Course is a par 70 regulation 18-hole course with numerous bunkers, dog legs and water holes. Sunnyvale is a well-manicured test of the player's skill stretching out to 6,255 yards.

Water Conservation

The Sunnyvale Parks Division (Parks, Golf & Street Trees) is making a concerted and ongoing effort to conserve water by utilizing a variety of best management practices.  Council has required a 15% reduction in water use when compared to the previous year's use and the Parks Division has saved 26% from July 2014 through March 2015. Be aware that savings are calculated collectively and water use may vary from park to park depending upon the features in each one and their use. In each park some features that use water may be operative while others are not.  For example, Serra Park has a pond and creek that is not filled with water while the children's water play area next to the playground is functional. In this case the difference is the primary purpose of the feature, the pond is meant to enhance the attractiveness of the park and the water play feature is provided for recreational use.

Please help us by reporting any water leaks or related problems at Parks or (408) 730-7506.  Report leaks or broken irrigation or plumbing after regular work hours to the Department of Public Safety at (408) 730-7180. Note that although irrigation is done at night, it is occasionally done during the day while troubleshooting and repairing problems with the irrigation system.

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